D.O.T.S. =Defenders of the Skies=
Air Warrior: DOT17
Aircraft: F6F,F4F,F4U, P38, A20, B17,B25.
Aliases: Original CPID before joining the DOTS on AOL AW, bob10

Started out flying with the Mud movers originally in the Euro theater. Then found the Pacific maps, started flying nightly and most often found DOT5 and DOT9 back then and flew with them, until I was invited to the squadron. I was one of the youngest in the squadron, but always had a love of WW2 Aviation, which is probably why I ended up joining the Navy, Im still in the military, working in Aviation, I havent really decided if I like it or not!

It was cool to find this site and see a lot of the old names! Hope everyone has fair winds and following seas! Kludo.