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An online directory for the lost tribes of Air Warrior, WarBirds, and Aces High.


A Kill Has Been Recorded Facebook Group

Where old AW players go to do whatever they do.

DoKtor GonZo
Aviation Art Hangar

Really nice prints of aviation art.

DoKtor GonZo
Doktor Gonzo's Flightsim HateQuarters

DoK's legacy site from many years ago.

DoKtor GonZo

Great online source for A2's and other vintage US flight jackets.

DoKtor GonZo
HiTech Creations

Authors of "Aces High."

DoKtor GonZo
Noble House Company

Awesome leather flight jackets, including Luftwaffe styles not available elsewhere.

DoKtor GonZo
The Incomplete Compendium of Air Warrior Campaign Scores (1st Edition)

Thanks Wraith!

DoKtor GonZo
The Tao of DoK

DoK's rantings on the GEnie message boards, compiled by Centurion.

DoKtor GonZo