The Sheep Rustlers
Air Warrior: Odin
Aircraft: P38 and La5
Aliases: Odinvv

I flew from mid 90’s until close to the end. Several squadrons, but my last was The Sheep Rustlers. Flew P38’s and La5’s with the handle “Odin” and I think “Odinvv” at one point. Was a drunken blur, but some of the best fun I can remember having.

– Loved lone-wolfing it late at night in my P38 hoping to draw in anyone thinking I was a newb, because the only people who flew PJ’s were newbs or the opposite…

– Squad night in a B17 Deathstar, drunk as a skunk, trying to dogfight, going into an inverted flat-spin and miraculously recovering it.

– The Sheep Rustlers CO, Slapt, and I went on a Mosquito run to see who could rack up the most kills… 9 and a landing!