Air Warrior: ArloGu3
Aces High: Guthrie
Aircraft: F4U1/F4U1A
Aliases: Guthrie

I shoulda found the game sooner (but then it would busted me). Found AWIII on the shelf the year it came out. Found BigWeek off the bat. Absorbed all I could from the vets before me (including Scav's writings - he passed before I could meet him - virtually and otherwise). I'm still a Jolly Roger fanatic (with a special place for the Groverats who took me in when VF-17 dwindled to a squad of 1). I miss AW because of the culture (and yes, I had a blast in game). I enjoy AH because it's the closest thing (the game is better - time and technology does that - there's enough old AWers there to make up for the other types, for the most part - so far.