Gray Eagle

Air Warrior: 1326
Aces High: GE
Aircraft: Mustang
Aliases: Deader

G-Man (1868) and I met while in the USAF long ago. Years later chatting on the phone he told me of this online air combat sim called Air Warrior. I bugged him mercilessly with questions an Amiga 500, modem, signed up on GEnie ($6/hr plus a $2/hr surcharge because I lived out in the sticks of Victorville, CA) ..and finally was able to type /move 870, select a P-51D, and type /fly.
The first squadron I was part of were the infamous Aggressors led by Peacekeeper. Sixty some-odd members and I was one of the few who could actually land a plane. We did all the wrong things and there were rumors that Peacekeeper was a shades account setup to lead us into disaster as much as possible.
A year later I got my first kill. More than a year after that I finally managed to shoot down Stiletto of the Muskies out of A-Land. By then I was in the FUBAR with honorary Damned status ..flyin with Krazy Kat, Hoppy, Pho, Volstag, ..even Mullah, on the deck, in FW 190's while reaving A land one fine day. I think Pangloss died 5-6 times tryin to 'get us' .. LOL.
I set a goal of flyin the Mustang for a month, then switching to a plane I wanted to learn for a month, then back to the Mustang. I kept a log (long since lost in one of the many moves I did tryin to make a living). I flew ~3500hrs in the AWDos Mustang.
Hired by Kesmai as Lead Artist for Air Warrior out of a CAD Engineering degree program two weeks before the final exams. They gave me a Diploma anyway as I had maintained a 4.0 GPA, Deans List with Honors and such all the way through which earned me enough credits.
Was part of ~50 Scenarios including writing and running one of my own in AWDos days. So many good times. So many great friendships.
Nowadays I run around in World of Tanks as 1Grayeagle or on wife's acct 2grayeagle ..or on Steam in Hearts of Iron III.
I am way retired unless someone needs me to build a shape library -evil grin-