The Krait Squadron
Air Warrior: Flos
Aces High: Flossy
Aircraft: B17
Aliases: Florence

Started in Air Warrior about July 1998? shortly after it became accessible through Gamestorm. Zeb (husband Rob) had been playing for several years, but on dial-up to the London server - and at the time I was more concerned about the high phone bills! :-)

I became interested myself when he told me he thought he was going to be invited into a squad one night - I was intrigued, I had no idea there was so much to Air Warrior! I watched him in awe that night as he logged in and entered the Officers' Club, and from there moved to Cz HQ. He met up with Spiff and moved to a field by clicking on the map in the background. After watching them make a few flights, Spiff then invited Zeb to the squad and eventually - when he finally grasped he had to accept the invite before typing anything else such as Thank You!!!! I would watch Zeb every time he played after that, and particularly enjoyed listening to the vox conversations.

As time went on I found myself wishing I could be part of this wonderful game but the thought of flying planes filled me with terror! I will never be able to fly! Eventually, I was persuaded to create my own account even if it was just to drive vehicles or gun bombers. I wanted a name associated with Zebedee - his full handle - which was taken from a character from The Magic Roundabout. The only female characters I could think of were Ermintrude - a cow!!! - and Florence. As I didn't want to be a cow, I went for Florence. Next I had to find a suitable CPID. I did not want to be Flo (Andy Capp's wife in the Daily Mirror cartoon strip) though with shortened IDs apparently I did appear as Flo and was often called that in the end. I tried for Floss but that was taken, so ended up with a compromise - Flos.

I stayed in Air Warrior until the end, in the meantime becoming a Game Assistant (Airwar Helen) which I loved! Anyway, I went on to Aces High where I have been ever since, playing as Flossy.... there I am currently a CM helping to set up and host special events. :-)

Unfortunately the Krait Squadron was disbanded in AH after most members had left for other games. I did try to resurrect it without success and finally made the decision, after discovering it does still exist in another flight sim, to find another squad - {The Few} - originally from Fighter Ace.