Pacific Pirates <<<PP>>>
Air Warrior: 3103
Aircraft: F4U, P-38, A-26
Aliases: Wilhelm Arcturus

Started on GEnie in 1986, choosing it over CompuServe because GEnie billed in 6 second increments while CIS billed only in full minutes, so I was worried about getting ripped off 59 seconds there. I had an Apple //e at the time and went off to play Stellar Emperor and Stellar Warrior. Then I started reading about Kesmai's new project, Air Warrior.

I wouldn't say I bought that Mac SE just to play Air Warrior, but I bought the 68020 accelerator card and, later, a Mac SE/30 for that reason.

Went to the Air Warrior convention in Dayton, Ohio, and used to have lunch with Tau Ceti, Dok, and Blue Macs at a Chinese restaurant at 4th and Taravel in SF every so often.

Gave up my decent paying but entirely dead end job to pay my dues in another field around 1990, so stopped playing games on GEnie.

Played all sorts of online games since including Sojourn/TorilMUD, EverQuest, and just about every Battlefield 1942 mod they made.

Currently play World of Warcraft with some old friends and EVE Online with the forces of evil.

And I have a WordPress blog, linked below, where I write about what I play and, every once in a while, try to remember what it was like to play some old games back in the day. There are a few posts about Stellar Emperor, Stellar Warrior, and Air Warrior of course.