Gypsy Baron

Angels of Destruction -=AD=-
Air Warrior: 4580, 4516
Aces High: GypsyB
Aircraft: B-17, A-26, Spitfire, F4U, P-51
Aliases: GypsyB, Seadog very early on in AW

From Camp 117 in November of 1994 I began using my CRIS tail number of 4516 as well as my GENIE number of 4580. In the logs I appear as both "Gypsy Baron" and "Seadog". I also had a Delphi ID but I can't recall that at the moment.

The AD's moved from B-Land to A-Land sometime in late 1993 or early 1994.

These days (circa 2014) I fly online in MS FSX with the 91st Bombardment Group (H). I am the Mission Development Officer of the Group and prepare mission flight plans, mission-specific scenery, bomb and damage effects for the missions and myriad other details.