DoKtor GonZo

Bastard -=<4Q>=- Squad
Air Warrior: 5940
WarBirds: =DOKG=
Aircraft: Fw190, F/A-26B, La-5
Aliases: Falcon Icehole, Ben Dover, Phil Latio, IH8U2, Outlaw Josey Bails, Focke Ewe, Eff For You

Started playing AW in 1987 after an article about it appeared in MacWorld. Played in B&W on a MacSE. Frame rate was glacial. Soon after I formed the 4Q and started collecting misfits like Vermin, Trips, Flush Garden, and many others. Set a high-water-mark for a campaign of 70:3 kill-death ratio ... which was pretty unheard of back then.

Had some fun taking Jets to WW1.

Had more fun abusing dweebs with bombers. The A/B-17 and F/A-26 were terror weapons. B-25 came out later and ... oh look ... it can out-loop a Zeke on the deck ... such fun.

After months of badgering Kelton finally went 1200 baud and real-time ... the game was suddenly so much more realistic.

Then started the scenario stuff and things really got real.

Then WarBirds started up and they hired me on to run scenarios over there since a certain media goliath was in the process of screwing things up for AW anyway. Ran a bunch of cool events over there. Oh look ... bombers have Auto-Gunners which aren't affected by night time ... gawsh, hope no one abuses that, eh?

WarBirds spawned Aces High and so I switched to that for a while. Ran more events - videos are up on my Vimeo link. Finally got the Russian planes I'd wanted for so long, La's are just big fun except for the rotten fuel load.

Ultimately the demands of Real Life™ won out and I was forced to put online gaming away for a while.